Early 50's R&B and Pop

2020-02-01 Early 50's R&B and Pop Early '92

This episode is two shows: the first half is a "Rhythm Radio" from 4/92 and the second half is a "Twentieth Century Panorama" from 3/92. They were sides A and B of a single cassette, and they happen to have complimentary music from the time period that I think was Brian's favorite, the first half of the 50's. There are many of my favorites: from the R&B show, the Pearl Bailey & Moms Mabley version of "Saturday Night Fish Fry" and Wynonie Harris's "I Feel That Old Age Coming On"; from the Pop show, Rosemary Clooney's "Tenderly" and Phil Harris's novelty "The Thing".

010 Early 50's R&B and Pop