Planet Lavender

2020-05-02 Planet Lavender

Although Brian always knew exactly who he was, he seldom discussed his homosexuality on radio. This show, Planet Lavender, was an exception. Planet Lavender was explicitly for gay and lesbian interest: music by women, love songs sung by men about men or by women about women. This show, themed on the 1930's, provides a rich harvest and fine music.

Brian also shows his great talent for languages and interest and love for Dutch culture in particular. He plays "Het Is Mal En Toch Hou Je Van Mij", sung by Louis Davids, and dedicates it to my sister's family: Madelein, Ellen, Joost and Jan.

Brian did Planet Lavender on WBCQ, a shortwave station out of Maine. As far as I know, this is the only show he did for shortwave. But I know he loved the reach: he knew he was heard all over the US and even in Europe.

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