Studio Cat

2020-09-27 Studio Cat

The WGAM studio was Brian's happy place. In honor of his Birthday, I'm posting one of Brian's "Morning Shows" for WGAM. This show seems to start the broadcast day for WGAM, it's about an hour and a half, and he announces the time at the end as 5:00, so I can only assume this runs from 3:30 AM to 5 and beyond. I believe Brian sometimes spent the whole day in the Studio; who knows how long he was there that day?

Brian loved cats - Hey, Seay! I'm not sure who owned the cat in the studio, but Brian enjoys this one. "Have you ever tried to do a radio show with a cat in your lap?" Clearly it inspires Brian to play Les Paul and Mary Ford's version of "Hold that Tiger".

Brian plays music from 1930 to 1977, and clearly is playing songs he likes. Listen for two Cole Porter numbers, done by Ella and Nat Cole. But mostly listen for Brian's voice as he reads the news. Happy Birthday Brian!

020 Studio Cat